She Screams of Royalty

She Screams of Royalty made me feel awful!


She Screams of Royalty is a Post-Hardcore band in Northern Michigan. I believe they do not have NO respect for their fans. They did not have any respect for me. I made a lyric video to one of their songs. They wanted to see it. Then they told me I wasted my time making it later. You will see it in one of the messages I received from them below. It wasn’t a bad lyric video. It was a creative lyric video. It’s different, but it shows support. At the end of my lyric video, I promoted them well.


   I asked if I could like one of the band member’s facebook page before they send me that message. I know it sounds silly, but I had to in this situation. That’s why they said “That’s like stalking.” That’s not what I want to tell you. They mistreat me when I was being nice & done a lyric video to one of their songs. It hurt me. I got upset with them. They didn’t make nothing better, but continue to add rude remarks & insult me some more. They called me crazy & a psycho. It made me more upset.  I dislike how they did not care how I felt.  They only care about themselves in situations. They shouldn’t tell me I wasted my time making a lyric video & insult me like that.  Even if I was being crazy, it’s not right of them to say that.

Imagine working on something for someone then the person mistreat you.  You feel upset. Then they don’t care what they said to you, but continue to mistreat you when they know you are unhappy. Complaining/venting out how much time you spend time helping them or doing something nice for them that took some time on.  That’s what it was like with She Screams of Royalty.

I learned who She Screams of Royalty really was. I got to discover their true personalities.

I helped a band member BIG time. I sent over 100 private messages on a dating/social site for them to check out a video. He knew I helped him out. I even tried proving it to him that I was helping him out by giving him my login info to some site I don’t care for. He didn’t care for proof. He was insecure about something. I encourage him, and say nice things to him.  All he was worried about was that one thing. He was rude towards me. He doesn’t give a shit if he puts me down. I was NOT insulting & putting him down. He doesn’t care what he says to people. If it’s hurtful or not.  It’s nice that he is honest, but there’s a fine line between honesty & being an asshole.  I didn’t deserve to be treated like that.  He never told me he was sorry on anything.  If you called him a liar or worried about something, he freaks out at you. HOLY COW! He didn’t make me feel good as a fan!  It’s really awful. I would hate to see how he would treat his biggest fans. He lies & threatens people as well.

 Bands should admire those kind of people who spread the word about them or of any way..Especially they should try to be nice to fans who go all out helping them. They should be nice to all fans. They should hold  the fans who go all out for them by their side & be treated with respect. They are helping the band to grow.
You know who your biggest supporters are besides family & friends.

It’s not only one band member who sucks. Each member of She Screams of Royalty is shitty in some way.  They don’t make me feel good as a fan. They all handle situations in a shitty way. They freak at you & be rude towards you when you are trying to become the better person in situations.

Other things that they done: I got blocked from the Facebook fan page over NOTHING!  I may seemed upset how one of the band members treated me. I didn’t say nothing negative on the page. The person was worried I may say something negative. Lol.  I may seem upset, but I wasn’t even going to post anything negative on their page. I dislike how they jumped to conclusions like that.

They call me crazy? They are the ones who are crazy. They mistreated a good promoter & fan who was helping them out in their music career. Again, they don’t care how they treated me. They told me I was one fan.

This is how I feel when they post things on their Facebook page.

     They trick their fans. They tell fans to promote them when they don’t do stuff for themselves. Lazy at promoting their band. It’s their dream. They shouldn’t rely on fans to make their dream come true. I know fans help bands grow, but they can spend time promoting themselves as well. Don’t depend on fans too much to do the work to get your music out.  I looked on their Facebook fan page, Twitter, YouTube & other stuff. I have found a number of things that they could do to make it better to gain more Facebook likes, Subscribers, etc.

Yet, they post statuses like this below…..


As you see above, they are tricking their fans. They are one of those bands who care more about popularity than their music. They shouldn’t be obsessing over the number of Facebook likes. They should be focusing on sharing their music instead. If a person likes their music, they can always like their Facebook page if they want.  When they have a high number of likes, how many people are viewing, liking & commenting on their statuses? Not many people. I rather have a good fan engagement than a high number of Facebook likes.  But that’s NOT a good way to go about a contest! There are better & creative ways to get your name out there than that way.


They shouldn’t do this towards fans like this for LIKES on their Facebook fan page. Desperate much? ______________________________________________________ 100LIKES22222

What happens if they don’t reach 100? The fans might NOT get new music from them if they don’t reach the goal. They should provide music to their fans no matter what. It’s what the music industry all about, keeping the audience (fans) entertained.  Let the music speak. Then the audience can decide whether or not to be a fan.

You may don’t realize this, but if you see any band that is asking for Facebook page likes, they care more about POPULARITY than their fans. Those kinds of bands are treating you as a number than a fan when all they care about is LIKES.

She Screams of Royalty is aware of what I posted of them & they don’t care. I’m only one fan (ex-fan).  Longs I keep names out.  If they think one fan cannot bring a band down, they are WRONG!  ..If it was really worth, it can happen.

Oh, I will NEVER EVER go out of my way for one band again unless they pay me or something.


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