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She Screams Of Royalty Fan Lyric Video

Here’s a lyric video I made to one of She Screams Of Royalty’s songs.

*2 YEARS LATER: Before you read what I posted 2 years ago, I know the beginning is a bit crazy, but I was really hurt & upset when they told me I wasted my time when I made it.

They wanted to see it, so I showed them. They told me I wasted my time making it.  That was rude of them to say that when I was showing my support. I put good promotion at the end of the video as well. Why be rude towards someone like that? It’s really dumb. I left this on YouTube, and I would like to show off my work to people. This song went out last year (2013.)  Dan & Jesse joined the band this year (2014.)  Drew Skowten sings the rough vocals in this song, not Jesse Brusseau. No new material was out this year with the new band members who was in the band last year (2014) so I decided to do this song. I thought I would do an introduction to it. People who haven’t heard of them, they would be introduced to the band members (including new ones) & what they do in the band. – – – – What I love most about is the lightning effects. I thought that idea was creative & cool.  Everything was done with the Movie Maker.  I didn’t use an advanced editor.

I added sound effects to it also. At the very end, I put a TV that blinks with a sound effect. I was going to direct people to the band’s YouTube.

It was my first video. I would make things some different like cut the introduction out. I could, but it’s not worth my time anymore to work on it, and go through all that trouble. She Screams Of Royalty treated me with disrespect, and they lost my support.

In my other post, it will show what they said to me.


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