Dear Band Member

Dear Band Member,

I decide to write an anonymous letter to someone who I feel frustrated about.

Dear ________________,

I would like to apologize what I have done to you in the beginning.  I was in a dark place with full of hurt & anger. I took it out on you in a wrong way. It is NOT like myself to do that kind of thing to do someone. You DID NOT deserve any of that. It was wrong of me disliking your video for me to get my point across before I helped you. I was upset with you at the time. Then I felt guilty & bad what I was doing to you overall. I wanted to make it up to you somehow. The only way I could think of is by lifting you up instead of bringing you down. I took a few hours of my day, for the next few days helping you. I felt good about it!  I sent over 100 private messages to girls on a social site to check out your video. I even tried proving to you that I was helping by giving my login info to the site to see all the messages I have sent out.

However, I did NOT like how you accused me of a small number of dislikes.  When your YouTube video got up to around 60 likes (about 21 likes more), all you was worried about was 5 dislikes & accusing me. I wasn’t fucking with you. Why would someone take some time of their day to help you & bring you down at the same time? That would be a waste of time.  If I wanted to bring you down, I wouldn’t have helped you at all in the first place. The only time that I would ever do something back is when I feel hurt/upset. NOT for the fun of it.

When I told you “I was doing a damn good deed for you & you are accusing me of a small number of dislikes.”  You said “Chill out bra. I’m trying to relax a bit. lol. “  I felt you only cared about yourself in that situation. I also felt you didn’t appreciate what I was trying to do for you. I was upset. I didn’t want you to move on thinking it is alright to treat someone like that who helped you. I have been nice for too long & not going to let people think it’s alright to treat me this way. You know what happened next.  I asked others to dislike it & ended up with a bigger result.

Here is some advice that will help you in the future. Don’t show your weakness. You were getting upset over a small number of dislikes when you video got up to 95 likes when I stopped helping you.  If you get upset over dislikes, the person knows how to piss you off more. They feed off your anger. They want you to be angry!..It would be best to ignore them. Don’t give them your attention.

It’s not good to show what makes you upset publicly when it comes to your music career. If you have other haters/trolls, people know how to bring you down.

You only had like 6 dislikes & 95 likes on your YouTube video. There was NOTHING to worry about there. You should start worrying when dislikes are coming close to Likes rating or MORE dislikes than likes. Also if there are no dislikes on a YouTube video when the LIKES are high, it looks fishy.  When your YouTube video is being viewed & it gets a dislike, it’s still helping your video by giving it more VIEWS.

I think it would be best for you to focus on getting yourself out there more than worrying about dislikes. You have potential. ♦♦♦♦♦ I HOPE YOU FIND THE STRENGTH TO OVERCOME YOUR INSECURITIES & BE MORE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF. ♦♦♦♦♦ …. I told you could make any small number of dislikes look weak.  Meaning, I believe you could get lots n lots of likes on it compare to dislikes. Look how further you got in about 4 days when I helped you –  41 likes to 95 likes & 6 dislikes. …….I believe in you if you put in the work.


  • 1.) Insulting me when I was encouraging & being nice to you after I helped you. It made me MORE upset.
  • 2.) In the email, you told me you don’t want to discuss what happened because you told me you have a 13-year-old girl disorder. That’s a stupid excuse.  You can’t tell the other person to move on & forget about it. I was explaining why I did some of the things. How you made me feel in certain situations.  You didn’t give a shit how I felt, but yourself. You said, “I don’t have time to for your long emails.” (Even tho, you was sending long ones back.) It won’t get any better if you don’t talk about it. 
  • 3.) ACCUSING ME OF DISLIKES. What happens if I DID NOT dislike your video(s) & you still accuse me of it? I would like you to NOT feel that way when every dislike comes your way & think it’s me. You can write many negative statuses about me.  It makes you look like a fool.
  • 4.) I didn’t like how you reacted poorly what I say at times.  Things were going well in email.  It almost comes to peace.  I may have trust issues & called you a liar, but you got upset & blocked me. What the hell dude?
  • 5.)  Last, you have no idea how hurtful your words can be at times. I appreciate your honesty, but somethings you said crossed the line. Telling me I wasted my time on the fan video when I promoted your band good was rude & ungrateful.

 I wasn’t asking anything out of you. All I wanted was RESPECT. I would like you to NOT insult me anymore.  If you ever feel like talking to me about what happened, I’m willing to listen & talk it out with you.   ……………………………. I will NOT promote your music and your band’s music. You guys had your chance. You & your band lost it.  I said sorry a lot (even when I shouldn’t).. I am still the bad guy. WTF. …

Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for taking your time to talk to me when we talked in the email.  I understand a little more about you.

– – – – * On a side note, WHY would you treat your little promoter like this? I really helped you out BIG time on your YouTube video. I think you should take a minute & think, without me, you wouldn’t get that far in 4 days. You are the one who is crazy for treating me like this. A lot of musicians would LOVE to be in your place to get noticed more on their music.

I don’t entirely hate you. I wish you was a better musician & a person. I can find good stuff I like about you from every little thing you do that pissed me off. Only you can change the way you think about a person. I don’t care if you don’t want to talk, but you should be careful what you say to people. It can be hurtful.  You can do so much better than that.