List of Things I Will Start Doing… New Me.


  1. My mistakes do not define who I am today. I learned from them. If anyone brings up the past of what I have done, I will not let it bother me. I don’t live there anymore. People tend to point out the bad stuff about people than the good stuff. If people believe them based off what they said without knowing the whole story &  judge me, I DO NOT NEED THEM. They are not my kind of people.

2.  I will not judge others based on how the previous person(s) treated me. All I can do is have faith & give them a chance not to do me wrong. I will not think negative thoughts about them.

3.  I will not seek revenge for those who hurt me by hurting them back. It will cause problems. I learned that it doesn’t do anything to make them realize what they have done you wrong or how they treated you. You can’t force things to change. Let karma does its work. They may or may not change from it. All you can do is pray to God for the one(s) who hurt you.




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