Dear Daniel Harrell · She Screams of Royalty

Maybe It Happened For The Best With Daniel from She Screams Of Royalty

This is all just sharing my feelings & thoughts. This is a lengthy post. Here how it goes.. Beginning of this post = about Daniel, Middle = about the bands, End = a little more about Daniel.

For people who don’t know, this one guy named Daniel sends me a message on Facebook. He is friends with people who are rude to me & such. I was worried about him screwing me over or hurting me like his friends. I got scared/worried & I end up hurting him before he MIGHT screw me over.  Fear makes you do crazy shit.

I shouldn’t assume how he is going to be, but it was maybe for the best that I didn’t get involved with him. He really had a different opinion that happened between his friend & I.  I was telling him, “[Friend’s name] should realize there is more to life than worrying about dislikes.”   He tells me, “There is more to life than hating on [his friend’s name]..”  What in the world? I wasn’t hating on him.  I was making an opinion about something.

His friend was accusing me of dislikes on YouTube when I didn’t do it. He was watching closely on a YouTube video of his band performing that a friend recorded & posted. He was talking about how the dislikes went from 9 to 5 dislikes. Someone else was messing with it. It doesn’t help when he post statuses about it. People can make the problem worse. So his other haters or other people know what will make him upset him since he shared it with the public. Whoever dislike it, only done that so he can blame me.

He wrote a status about me without using my name. Then all the band members that treated me badly & some others were talking badly about me in the comments. Talking about taking me to court & saying I used the depressed card on the cops a few years ago. They want me gone so they can have their “rating system” & no hate online. I did post blog review about them. It wasn’t bad. It was showing how much I have done for them & what they said to me.  I only express my opinion about something in a mature way for a band review. Not like saying they are faggots, bitches, etc. — A bunch of other stuff that they said was awful. One band member said, “It was hard trying to fake niceness to her.” I wasn’t being rude to him. Some of them lied about what they did & said. One of them said they said their attorney send me a letter to me in the mail. IT NEVER HAPPENED. They made me out to be a crazy person in the comments. When really, I’m the one who I said I was sorry on somethings. They still treat me like the “bad” guy. I was the one who was trying to help them grow & stuff, and they were all rude towards me. Of course, I will be upset when they insulted me & talked back rude to me after doing nice things to show my support such as promoting them & made a lyric video.

Not just one band. I helped another local band, Death Of The Party. I handled it differently. At the end, I didn’t know what I have done wrong. I had a fan club page on Twitter. I was helping them to get heard more during this Battle of the Bands contest. They direct message me on Twitter first. We were talking. He was replying back to my messages. I was sharing an idea because I want them to win. He’s like “What do you want from us? ” He said something more along with it. I don’t remember.  Then he BLOCKED me… I am thinking to myself, “What happened? What did I do wrong?”…. I got upset. I worked hard trying to get them heard more. They know it! WHY WOULD YOU BLOCK SOMEONE WHO IS HELPING YOU OUT BIG TIME? 

Anyways, both of the bands are friends. They think I am going around dissing local bands for no reason. I had my reasons. I am definitely had to speak up about it by writing those reviews for both bands because I found it it was very wrong what they have done to me.

There is no reason to dislike their videos anymore & stuff.  Maybe at first (couple years ago), cause they hurt my feelings & didn’t appreciate a damn thing. But I have better stuff to focus on. Can’t be doing it forever. It won’t change them who they are. Let KARMA do the work. Maybe the person who is writing statuses & blaming me for dislikes when I didn’t do it, maybe needs to learn to not react to it by letting it bothered him or not post about it. He likes to post stuff to get attention. 

He can continue to blame me for dislikes on his band’s/his YouTube videos rest of his life. Longs it doesn’t get out of hand & things start to get crazy. Some day he may get fed up with it & do something crazy. 

I DO NOT think it’s right for people who would want the cops to be involved over dislikes on a YouTube video or two. I think that’s crazy! Haha…They are musicians who want to get big. I think they should hide the rating system if they are bothered by it that much instead of going to the cops about things. They were bummed out when the cops didn’t do anything about it. I would try to find ways & handle the situation myself than going to the cops unless they are threatening to hurt me or kill me. If ANYONE does not think that is nuts or not fair, I don’t want to be friends with them.

If see any band member treats someone poorly like they have done to me, I WILL STAND UP FOR THEM!

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I think it was better off to not be friends with Daniel. He was kind, but the people who he hangs out with, I do not approve. Now he is a new drummer for one of She Screams Of Royalty. It made me more worried. Just knowing that he actually around them a lot.

The way I look at it, they all are friends for a reason. They like each other personalities. I DO NOT want to be around people who treat people like that or think it is okay. 

It’s funny how a few years ago, Daniel’s friend wrote a status about me using my full name. I was all worried about him writing another one. I didn’t know Daniel at the time. He was in a band with his friend in a different band.  That’s how I know him. So I messaged Daniel to ask him to make sure his friend doesn’t write another one about me or tell him to remove it if he posts one. He BLOCKS me.

Then at some point, I heard a little fight was going on. Then his friend wrote a status about Daniel. He even used his full name. Daniel didn’t like that. Then a year later, I messaged him. I told him “Haha. He wrote a status about you.”  I said that cause he knows how I felt when his friend wrote a status about me. He didn’t say anything.

Then couple months, he hits me up & starts talking to me.  It was weird. He seemed chilled. He asked how my day was & stuff. It was nice, but I was afraid. Time will tell me if I have done the right thing or wrong thing. I will regret what I have done to Daniel if it was wrong to push him away like that.

I should have given him a chance. I am worried about him screwing me over. It really sucks when you become close to someone & they are not “real” with you to begin with. I talked to a friend of Daniel’s friend a lot. He faked shit. It hurt me really bad. I shared with him a lot of personal stuff than anyone else. I felt close. I thought I had a good friend, but I guess not. I was worried about going through that again, but with Daniel. I have trouble trusting someone. I know if he does screw me over, I’ll survive. But good friends are hard to come by.

No, I’m not saying Daniel is a bad guy here. You will have to find out for yourself & get to know him. He may be a pretty cool guy.