Getting Harder Every Day

Do you want to know the truth how I feel? I feel soo damn sad lately. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep. It’s hard to live every day when I don’t have any good friends. I know sometimes it’s better to be alone than dealing with bullshit from people. When you have stuff bottling up inside you, it’s not healthy. I would like to share stuff with someone no matter how stupid, silly or serious it could be. It is not all about the needings someone to talk to. It’s about finding good people to hang out with. I haven’t hang out with a person since last February 2016. I tried to hang out with people, but they was wasting my time. It really sucks. It does NOT mean I am a bad person and a bad friend to have. I am a pretty damn good friend.  I don’t know how much I can stand of this. I feel like grabbing the razor blade & begin cutting myself again. I will never feel happy again. There’s something missing. [Laughter. Smiles. Fun.] ..

No, I don’t need silly medicine to fix this. I just wish someone would come into my life & save me before it’s too late.

Sometimes I want to leave. Leave as in die. :/