Dear Daniel Harrell

Hurts to know the truth about Daniel

Do you remember that one guy who I kept writing blog posts about? His name is Daniel. Guess what? It turns out maybe he is a douchebag after all.  He said wanted a friendship. He told me the other  day, “Sorry, I cannot talk to you anymore. ” His girlfriend was not comfortable about him… Continue reading Hurts to know the truth about Daniel


My Dark Confession

Some people get tired of faking a smile and pretending everything is okay for so long. They are tired of that feeling they are dealing with.  We all can only handle so much.  We all find a way to take the pain away. Some of us do it in a healthy way (screaming, exercising, listening… Continue reading My Dark Confession


Getting Harder Every Day

Do you want to know the truth how I feel? I feel soo damn sad lately. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep. It’s hard to live every day when I don’t have any good friends. I know sometimes it’s better to be alone than dealing with bullshit from people. When you have stuff… Continue reading Getting Harder Every Day


Loneliness is killing me

It’s hard to get out of my bed every day. I am not happy at all like I used to be. I don’t have anyone to talk to about my problems anymore. I have no one who will listen, try & want to understand how I feel. It would be nice to have someone who… Continue reading Loneliness is killing me

Dear Band Member

Dear Band Member,

I decide to write an anonymous letter to someone who I feel frustrated about. Dear ________________, I would like to apologize what I have done to you in the beginning.  I was in a dark place with full of hurt & anger. I took it out on you in a wrong way. It is NOT… Continue reading Dear Band Member,

She Screams of Royalty

She Screams Of Royalty Fan Lyric Video

Here’s a lyric video I made to one of She Screams Of Royalty’s songs. *2 YEARS LATER: Before you read what I posted 2 years ago, I know the beginning is a bit crazy, but I was really hurt & upset when they told me I wasted my time when I made it. They wanted… Continue reading She Screams Of Royalty Fan Lyric Video

She Screams of Royalty

She Screams of Royalty made me feel awful!

She Screams of Royalty is a Post-Hardcore band in Northern Michigan. I believe they do not have NO respect for their fans. They did not have any respect for me. I made a lyric video to one of their songs. They wanted to see it. Then they told me I wasted my time making it… Continue reading She Screams of Royalty made me feel awful!