Getting Harder Every Day

Do you want to know the truth how I feel? I feel soo damn sad lately. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep. It’s hard to live every day when I don’t have any good friends. I know sometimes it’s better to be alone than dealing with bullshit from people. When you have stuff… Continue reading Getting Harder Every Day


Loneliness is killing me

It’s hard to get out of my bed every day. I am not happy at all like I used to be. I don’t have anyone to talk to about my problems anymore. I have no one who will listen, try & want to understand how I feel. It would be nice to have someone who… Continue reading Loneliness is killing me


List of Things I Will Start Doing… New Me.

LIST OF THINGS THAT I WILL START DOING…. My mistakes do not define who I am today. I learned from them. If anyone brings up the past of what I have done, I will not let it bother me. I don’t live there anymore. People tend to point out the bad stuff about people than… Continue reading List of Things I Will Start Doing… New Me.

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Death Of The Party Is An Awful Band

         I have helped another local band, Death Of The Party. They are a rock band from Alpena, Michigan. The Battle of the Bands was going on. I decided to help them out. I thought to give it another try after the first bad experience I had. Think that they would be better, but nope!… Continue reading Death Of The Party Is An Awful Band